PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Redefining the Outdoors With an F 150 Custom Camper

Experience the great outdoors like never before with the revolutionary F-150. This remarkable truck is not just a vehicle; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Equipped with unparalleled features and designed to provide comfort even in the most rugged terrains, the F-150 is the ultimate companion for adventurers seeking a seamless blend of power and luxury. We’re […]

Build the Pop-Up Camper of Your Dreams and Camp in Style

affordable custom slide-in

If you love to camp, but hate the idea of roughing it, then camping in style might be for you. With a semi-custom pop-up camper from Phoenix Pop-Up, you can experience the great outdoors from the comfort of your own RV! We offer two base models to start with – slide-in camper and flatbed camper. […]

Time to Upgrade Your Tent to a Pop-Up Camper

custom pop-up camper in nature

If you are looking to take your camping experience up to the next level, there’s no better choice than a pop-up camper. Easy to set up and easy to store, pop-up campers combine convenience and luxury for an unparalleled camping experience on the road or in the woods.  The Convenience of a Pop-Up Camper Pop-up […]

Free Camping Guide for Your Pop-Up Adventure

slide-in and custom pop-up campers

This article will give you all the advice, strategies, and tools you need to find fantastic free camping spots on your upcoming vacation, whether you’re looking for them for budget travel or just getting outside for a long weekend. Why Camp for Free There are many different names for free camping, including boondocking, dispersed camping, […]

Common Pop-Up Camping Mistakes

slide-in, flatbeds and trailers, Coyote RV

At Phoenix Pop-Up, we love pop-up campers, and think that truck camping is the absolute best way to camp, travel, and see the world,, so we’re sharing the six most common mistakes new pop-up campers make when first starting out, and how to avoid them so you can begin your adventures in your pop-up camper […]

The Pop-Up Camper Planning Checklist You Need for Your Next Adventure

Pop Up Camper

If you’ve recently bought a pop-up camper, you’re probably counting down the days until your first road trip adventure! With your camper all packed up, you’re ready to hit the open road, which means that now you need some planning for traveling in a pop-up camper to make sure your trip runs smoothly and doesn’t […]

Pop-Up Camper: The Best Way to Discover Local Wonders

Find yourself in an unfamiliar area of your own country? If the answer’s yes, then you’re in the same boat as millions of people across the United States. It’s not that surprising when you think about it; there are countless natural wonders just waiting to be discovered and explored by travelers, and they’re often shoved […]

Camping in a Pop Up Camper: The Top Benefits

Reclaim your wilderness! Camping in a pop up camper gives you the freedom to explore and adventure into the wilderness without having to spend weeks at a time out in the woods. Pop up campers are often allowed into more secluded and remote camping spots than other vehicles, making them perfect for exploring new places! […]

Upgrade Your Camping Experience with a Pop-Up Camper

Pop-up campers are perfect for the camper who wants to stay close to nature, but also be surrounded by the comforts of home. A pop-up camper makes it easy to have your own bathroom, refrigerator, and microwave, while still sleeping under the stars. You can enjoy all the benefits of camping without the hassle of […]