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Camping in a Pop Up Camper: The Top Benefits

Reclaim your wilderness! Camping in a pop up camper gives you the freedom to explore and adventure into the wilderness without having to spend weeks at a time out in the woods. Pop up campers are often allowed into more secluded and remote camping spots than other vehicles, making them perfect for exploring new places! Plus, pop up campers are lightweight, giving you more flexibility when traveling between campsites and trails. Start reclaiming your wilderness today with these top benefits of camping in a pop up camper.

Fun, Affordable, Sustainable

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get outdoors, one of the best options is to invest in a pop up camper. Pop up campers are significantly cheaper than full RV’s, allowing you to get all the same benefits for a fraction of the price. Unlike traditional campers that are on the road half of each year and stored the other half, pop ups are stored at home over the winter and used during summer vacation trips.

Off-the-Grid Options

Luxury Camping in Pop-Up Campers

The main benefits of pop up campers are their ease of use and the ability to take them almost anywhere. Camping in a pop up camper will open up more places for you to explore. You don’t have to worry about reserving spots at campsites or other amenities that come with RV camping, which can be difficult when they’re popular and crowded. 

Tent camping has long been considered the quintessential way to connect with nature. However, if you’re not up for the bare bones experience, then you should consider looking into pop up campers. Many of these clever little campers can be set up and taken down easily enough for one person to do it.

A Long Term Investment

If you’re ready to make the transition from tent camping to pop up camper camping, you’ll need a vehicle that’s fully equipped. Phoenix Pop-Up gives you the essentials so camper is fully sufficient for all camping adventures. Your pop up camper provides the essentials like a full kitchen, shower, and toilet so that it’s comfortable for extended use. It’s also made with marine grade canvas for water protection and RV-quality aluminum frame construction for added durability.