Pop Up Camper

The Pop-Up Camper Planning Checklist You Need for Your Next Adventure

If you’ve recently bought a pop-up camper, you’re probably counting down the days until your first road trip adventure! With your camper all packed up, you’re ready to hit the open road, which means that now you need some planning for traveling in a pop-up camper to make sure your trip runs smoothly and doesn’t include any hiccups along the way.

Find Camping Spots Ahead of Time

Planning ahead is crucial for finding a campsite. If you are visiting a state like Colorado with a lot of campgrounds, they will often have an app that can show you nearby spots. But there are also websites that list all available spots by name, type and location. It may take some time to find what you need but it’s worth the time to do your research. Booking ahead is especially important if you are traveling in a pop-up camper because these sites can be difficult to find when the season gets busy. 

If you’re camping in the mountains, make sure that the campsite has a water source, plenty of trees and firewood, and that it’s not too cold at night. If you’re in a desert or by the beach, look for a place with shade and lush vegetation for relief from scorching summer days. If you’re near a glacier or other high altitude area, be ready for extreme cold, especially at night and make sure there’s space to find some refuge from strong winds.

Plan Your Meals Ahead

Meal planning is important because sometimes it can be difficult to find convenient options when you’re out in the wild. Make a list of possible meals and then find recipes online. Preparing food ahead of time can also make it easier during your trip! Don’t forget about any dietary restrictions for your family members or friends who will be joining you on your adventure! 

Pack Comfort Items/Games

Bringing blanket & pillows will provide an essential bit of comfort on long road trips.

Before you hit the open road, be sure to have these items in your camper. Bringing comfort items from home, like blankets, pillows, favorite books, games and other items will provide an essential bit of comfort on long road trips. Also, pack some games to play when boredom strikes! There are many great travel games to bring along on the adventure. Bring some luxury items like a good book or board game that will provide entertainment if power is lost due to inclement weather.

At Phoenix Pop-Up, we know all the tips and tricks for traveling in your pop-up. We can help you build your camper to suit all your needs and get you going on your next adventure!