About Us

The Beginning of Campers


Our Family started Four Wheel Campers here in Colorado in the early 70′s and ran it until the late 80′s. Then, to diversify the family business, My Father started a new venture, building Tiger Motor Homes. Tiger Motor Homes took off like wildfire, and both companies thrived, but managing both companies he felt was not in the best interest of either company.

Since the FWC product had become a relatively “one size fits all” assembly line item the name Four Wheel Campers was sold in the late 80′s and that company has since moved out of state and change hands several times.


Phoenix Pop Up was Born

Phoenix Pop Up Campers were launched into production in 1988 using several of the solid fundamental design concepts we developed in the vintage FWC but with several marked improvements, such as custom built to order sizes and options. In 2007 we expanded our product offerings by completely revolutionized truck camper design with the first fully interactive custom ordering process. We are factory direct with no dealers in the United States.

That being said, taking from the strong foundation my father started in the 1970′s with FWC, We have incorporated new, more advanced technology in camper manufacturing. Our entire focus is now on developing the most personalized, toughest, best performing off-roading camper imaginable. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

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