We Manufacture the Best Custom Truck Campers in Colorado

Custom made rooftop awning for jeep camper

Phoenix Pop Up Campers has been in the market for more than 26 years, and during all this time we have been working directly with our customers with no intermediaries. This guarantees that you will get the best custom truck camper in Colorado at the best price. All of our custom made campers have the latest technology in […]

3 Reasons For Choosing Our Custom Truck Campers

Larry and Ty's Campers

Since 1988 we have been building the best custom made truck campers in all Colorado. So today we would like to talk about 3 reasons why you should get your Pop Up Custom Camper from us: Customization We offer truck campers that are 100% customizable. We will team up with you to combine all of our custom truck […]

Phoenix Pop Up: Building Custom Campers Since 1988

Experience And Quality At Your Service Phoenix Pop Up Campers started production in 1988, but our experience on building off roading campers started before that in the early 70′s with our family camper building business. By the year 2007 we delivered the first fully interactive custom ordering process; and we incorporated new and more advanced technology in custom camper […]

Truck Camping Security: Animal Encounters

Wildlife encounters

Important safety considerations for camping in wildlife territory In a series of independent blogs, we are passing along retired law enforcement officer Bryan Appleby’s personal safety advice for truck campers, including personal safety, wildlife encounters and camper security. There are many big animal, reptile and insect threats to you when camping in remote areas, some […]

Phoenix Pop Up Truck Campers Customizable Base Models

Custom made campers

You choose a Base Model and we customize it to your needs! At Phoenix Pop Up we specialize in customization and quality, and our entire focus is on developing the most personalized, toughest, best performing off-roading camper imaginable. We build not only Slide-in truck campers, but also campers for Flatbeds and the ones that are built onto the […]

RV 101: Different Types Recreation Vehicles

All the diffrent RVs out there have pros and cons you have to decide which option is best for you. We have broken it down to these categories to better categorize them all. Motorhomes Class A Motorhome These are the largest of all motorhomes, they might be bus conversions.  They are usually constructed on a […]

Check Your Camper’s Life Saving Devices!

Camping in remote areas

 It is time to start prepping the camper to hit the road! And on the top of that list should be checking your smoke, carbon monoxide and propane detectors. If these devices are not working properly, serious harm could occur or even death. Smoke Detector You should replace the battery, and consider upgrading to a […]

Recent Project: Upgrades on a used 2004 Camper

Phoenix Pop Up in the snow

A new owner of a used 2004  camper had us add many new addtions and make changes for him. We built a new lift and liner to allow for a full 6’6 head room interior in the camper with 4 addtional windows. We added a solar panel, a fantastic fan/vent, a 110v to 12v power […]

Excellent Documentary: American Nomads

This video is about that very peculiar breed of human being, who feels the urge to explore, roam, wonder, drift, never settling down. “A nomad is someone who doesn’t feel stable when stationary” Some of the people depicted in this documentary are a group of RVers who are referred to as “Snow Birds” They are […]

Super Bowl Sunday: GO BRONCOS!!!

For some people Christmas is  their favorite day of the year, for some Thanksgiving… Halloween, even 5 de Mayo! But for some of us it is Super Bowl Sunday! Food, Drinks, Snacks, Friends, Family and of course Football. And to top it off Denver with its unparalleled offense will face Seattle with its super defense! […]