Excellent Documentary: American Nomads

This video is about that very peculiar breed of human being, who feels the urge to explore, roam, wonder, drift, never settling down.

“A nomad is someone who doesn’t feel stable when stationary

Some of the people depicted in this documentary are a group of RVers who are referred to as “Snow Birds” They are usually white haired and travel south to the desert during winter. Many of these “snow brids” sold their home but very fancy RVs and decided to live the rest of their lives in real freedom.welcome to slab city

About 3 million Americans are roaming around in RVs around America. And 90% of them are over the age of 55.

An interesting place mentioned in the film is Slab City. This place used to be a Military base, however the buildings were demolished and all that was left were these concrete slabs.

Another type of Nomad mentioned in the video, are those who have to travel all over the country to make a living. And one of these type of occupations is Rodeo.  This is a life of constant travel and high amounts of pain.


Take the time to watch this wonderful documentary, I think it is fascinating how it truly captures the need to roam the world!

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