Camping in remote areas

Check Your Camper’s Life Saving Devices!

 It is time to start prepping the camper to hit the road!

And on the top of that list should be checking your smoke, carbon monoxide and propane detectors. If these devices are not working properly, serious harm could occur or even death.

Smoke Detectorsmoke detector

You should replace the battery, and consider upgrading to a Dual Sense smoke detector. These type of device detects both types of fires (flash fire and smoldering fire).  Many of these detectors come with a silence button which silences the alarm for a period of time. The is very convenient when cooking inside your RV, and safe because you will not forget to put the battery back in.


Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Some of these detectors are hard wired, but some are battery operated. So replace the battery but also check on the expiration date. If it has expired replace with a new one.


Propane DetectorPropane gas detector

These are wired to your camper, but unscrew it and check for an expiration date as well. Never disconnect this detector for any reason, it has been know for these detectors to go of with products like hair-spray.


Remember to follow these steps every spring, this way you and your loved ones will enjoy your Phoenix Popup Camper in a safe way! Happy Trails!


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