3 Unforgetable Colorado Truck Camping Destinations

Rocky Mountain National Park 4

photo by National Parks Service  – nps.gov Living in Colorado gives you the advantage of having all the outdoor adventures and wonders available at your reach. And if you’re not from Colorado, the good news is that with our custom truck campers you don’t have to live here to enjoy these amazing outdoor destinations. With Phoenix Custom […]

Arches National Park: Sandstone Arches Paradise In Utah

Feature Image of Arches National Park by NPS.gov – National Park Service Utah is considered a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts due to the wide variety of outdoor activities the state has to offer, and one of the most beautiful state attractions is the Arches National Park. With a territory of 76,359 acres and with over 2,000 natural […]

Truck Camping Security: Animal Encounters

Wildlife encounters

Important safety considerations for camping in wildlife territory In a series of independent blogs, we are passing along retired law enforcement officer Bryan Appleby’s personal safety advice for truck campers, including personal safety, wildlife encounters and camper security. There are many big animal, reptile and insect threats to you when camping in remote areas, some […]

Simple reasons to pick us to build your custom truck camper

jed and meg

Many Years of Camper Building Experience Phoenix Pop Up Campers started production in 1988, but before that, the family camper building business already existed with Four Wheel Campers since the early 70′s until the late 80′s; and then also with Tiger Motor Homes. In 2007 we expanded our product offerings, by completely revolutionizing truck camper design with […]

Chiggers: unwelcome & annoying camping guests – part 2

Prepare yourself and avoid uncomfortable itch and skin rash In our previous blog we shared information about the most common insect pests that can seriously make you uncomfortable on an outdoor adventure. We’ve created a three-part series of posts to pass this valuable information on to you. If you missed part 1, no worries, here […]

How to avoid over packing your Truck Camper

There are some things that should really stay behind Let’s be honest, this may have happened to you at least once in your life: you packed this and that “just in case” for a camping trip, and ended up bringing it back home being unused and completely useless for the purpose of your trip, besides […]