Chiggers: unwelcome & annoying camping guests – part 2

Prepare yourself and avoid uncomfortable itch and skin rash

Camping pests

In our previous blog we shared information about the most common insect pests that can seriously make you uncomfortable on an outdoor adventure. We’ve created a three-part series of posts to pass this valuable information on to you. If you missed part 1, no worries, here it is: Unwelcome camping guests: annoying insect pests – part 1

Today we bring you the second little foe that could potentially ruin your camping trip, so you can be prepared and make sure you pack your Phoenix Truck Camper with what you’ll need:


Camping pests

Also known as Red Bugs, they are another common campsite pest throughout the U.S. Technically speaking, chiggers are mites and not insects, but we’ve included them in our list because they’ve managed to prevail across the country and be severe trouble makers. Here are some tips for you to keep chigger-free this summer:

Insect repellent: same as with mosquitoes, one of the easiest and most effective ways to avoid chiggers is to use an insect repellent with DEET on both your skin and clothing. There’s also a synthetic chemical known as permethrin, which is very effective due to its neurotoxic effect on the tiny pests. A wide number of permethrin products are on the market, including powders, liquids, sprays, and even permethrin treated clothing.

Camping pests

Wear long pants and appropriate shoes: wearing long pants tucked into your socks and high-topped shoes or boots can be helpful when walking through chigger-infested areas. Tucking your shirt can also be helpful, especially if you’ll go through tall grass and other foliage.

Tightly-woven fabrics: given the miniscule size of chiggers, they can actually find their way through your clothes to the skin. If you know you’ll be walking through chigger infested areas, try to wear tightly-woven fabrics, as this can make it more difficult for them to get through.

Stick to the trail:  chiggers tend to live in taller vegetation patiently waiting for potential hosts to pass by. If you stay on the trails you can minimize your chances of getting bitten.

Camping pests
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