Arches National Park: Sandstone Arches Paradise In Utah

Feature Image of Arches National Park by - National Park Service

Utah is considered a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts due to the wide variety of outdoor activities the state has to offer, and one of the most beautiful state attractions is the Arches National Park. With a territory of 76,359 acres and with over 2,000 natural sandstone arches, it gives the visitors some of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States. The National Park is open all the year and it offers a 18-mile scenic road that will promise to captivate everyone in the family, and your Phoenix custom truck camper is the perfect vehicle for the ride. Also, don’t forget to bring your Mountain Bike with you, as there are several bike trails near the National Park.

Arches NP Photo by - National Park Service
Photo by – National Park Service

For the extreme sport lovers the Arches National Park offers excellent climbing opportunities, despite its sandy nature. Also, many of its sandstone walls are crosshatched with narrow passages perfect for practicing Canyoneering.

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Photo by - National Park Service Arches NP
Photo by – National Park Service

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