Advantages of Investing in a Custom Truck Camper

custom pop up campers

Picture this: You’re yearning for adventure, a break from the daily grind. Whether you’re an active professional seeking weekend escapes or a retiree ready to explore uncharted territories, a traditional RV might seem cumbersome, and a tent lacks the comfort you desire. Enter the world of custom truck campers. These innovative living spaces transform your […]

Giving Back to Our Community Thanks to our Customers

Thank you to all of our customers who have chosen a Phoenix/Coyote RV INC  custom camper as their home away from home. Through your purchase of your campers, we have been able to give back to those in our Colorado community.  Cari and Robby along with the staff, believe that “Givers Gain” and have found […]

Enjoy the autumn colors from your custom truck camper

Ready for Mother Nature’s spectacular autumn show? There’s no better occasion to see the dynamic colors of multiple trees than along highways, country roads and coastlines. So let’s head out to the forests in your custom truck camper and take advantage of the most beautiful time of year. Here are some amazing drives inside the U.S. Detroit […]

Eco-Friendly camping tips for a green trip

What’s greener than getting back to nature and spending time in the woods? You may think Well, not all campers are as green as we can imagine they could be. Because pitching a tent is no reason to throw all your eco-friendly habits out the window. On the contrary, it is an ideal opportunity to […]

3 Reasons to Build Your Custom Truck Camper at Phoenix

custom campers

There are many reasons why we offer the best custom truck campers and expedition vehicles, but the truth is, there are 3 main ones that are very important and that guarantee all of our customers they are getting the best custom made truck campers. Customization As we stated before, we use only the best materials with the highest quality to […]

3 Amazing RV Parks in United States

Want to go camping in your custom truck camper but don’t know where to go? Don’t worry! Today we will give you 3 amazing camping destinations where you can go with your family and friends. Just pack your stuff and enjoy the ride! Rivers Edge RV Park / Fairbanks, Alaska In this amazing RV park located […]

3 Amazing Summer Destinations in the United States

The best season to explore the outdoors is here. If you are the proud owner of a custom truck camper, the options of where you can go are limitless. Just drive up to your nest destination and everything you need to cook, shower, relax and sleep is right there, in the back of your truck! […]

4 Outdoor Activities to Do in Boulder, Colorado

Custom truck camping in the Rocky Mountains

Boulder, Colorado, offers great outdoor activities in summer. These are 4 awesome things you can you can enjoy with friends or family in this college town: Biking No matter if you are a road or mountain biker, Boulder offers 300+ miles of bike lanes and routes and countless mountain bike trails, making it a paradise for […]