Eco-Friendly camping tips for a green trip

What’s greener than getting back to nature and spending time in the woods? You may think

Well, not all campers are as green as we can imagine they could be. Because pitching a tent is no reason to throw all your eco-friendly habits out the window. On the contrary, it is an ideal opportunity to enjoy freedom while taking care of Mother Nature. Today we would like to share with you some advice on how to green your camping trip.

5 tips to green your camping trip

There are many things you can do to make your stay at a campsite eco-friendly. Whether you’re planning a weekend stay in a national park or setting out on a long backpacking trip, keep these tips for greener camping in mind:

  1. Bring reusables and wash it green 

Try to minimize the amount of single use disposable items such as paper plates and plastic cups. Use reusable dishes,Stock Images with paid rights utensils, cookware and cloths. You can pack, for example, unbreakable-but-washable versions of each, and bring along a small basin/bucket, sponge and biodegradable soap; and a breathable bag in which to toss cloth napkins and towels that are too dirty to reuse. Also remember that liquid waste should not be emptied into a river, but onto vegetation or dry ground, reason why it is crucial to bring biodegradable cleaning products.

  1. Non-Toxic products

Strong chemicals sunscreen and bug spray are toxic to the air, water and animals you’ll be visiting, as well as your own health. Instead try safer alternatives like Goddess Garden Sunscreen or make your own natural sunscreen and bring along one of these eight natural mosquito repellents.

  1. Go light on electronics

Limit the number of electronics that you bring camping for essentials such as lanterns, flashlights and emergency radios purchase solar powered or shakeable/hand crank versions. Check out solar powered charging options such as lighting products that runs off solar power. For example, the LuminAID light. This solar powered, inflatable lamp packs flat and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof lantern. You might also want to bring along a solar charger to keep your emergency phone and/or GPS powered up (i.e., your essentials, not a DVD player and mini-fridge).

4.  “Pack it in, pack it out”camping mountains

Remove all trash from campground. You can bring a reusable bag to collect recyclable materials to reduce the amount of trash that you produce while at the campground. Make sure that you collect all of your trash and please pick up any litter left behind by less green campers. When you are done camping seal the bag and take it with you. And, most important, do not burn plastics and metals because they contain toxic chemicals that will pollute the air.

5. “Leave No Trace Camping”

Basically no one should know you’ve been there after you’ve gone. This means no litter, no smoldering fire pits, no ripped up grass, crushed bushes or re-positioned boulders. It also means staying on the marked trail, never picking plants, flowers or berries, and never harming or disturbing wildlife–endangered or not.

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