10 Rules to getting along in your Phoenix Pop Up Camper

Mazda custom truck camper

Follow these 10 valuable rules! When you are travelling with another person things can get crammed and tense. It is good to set some ground rules to make things simpler and more organized. Rule 1: Show mutual respect This is the key element to any relationship, respect the other person and respect yourself. Rule 2: Don’t […]

RV Generator Maintenance Tips

custom Tacoma truck camper

A camper’s generator allows us to have 120 volt power at our convenience. In order to make that generator last a very long time, some basic maintenance is needed. Inspect your generator prior to using it, never operate the generator if the exhaust is damaged or leaking. Generator maintenance is based on hours of use. […]

Weekend Project: Homemade Camper / Survival Vehicle

This camper was built in two days! This might not be the prettiest of campers, but it covers the basics any camper should have. Batteries, running water, toilet, bed, table and a bench. It is the skeleton of any camper. This is a pretty cool minimalistic camper, and it covers the basics of a mobile […]

Boondocking and Urban Camping Tips

This clip gives great tips on Boondocking and Urban Camping. Some of the things discussed in this video are: – How to know when your camper is leveled – Look at parking signs for possible restrictions – Use a compass to park, to use or avoid sunlight – Consider street lamps, they might save you […]

Full time Boondocking: Thanks to solar power and using it wisely

Three Phoenix Pop Ups

In this video we follow these two full time boondockers, and they reveal how they are able to live out in the country without having to connect to external power or sewers. With the use of modern technology like solar power, and other energy efficient devices you can live “unplugged” in the middle of nature. […]

Beautiful Minimalistic School Bus Camper

Architecture student Hank Butitta was sick of drafting imaginary buildings in studio courses destined never to be built, and sought (with help from his younger brother Vince) to steer his education in a more hands-on direction.               For his final thesis project at the University of Minnesota, Hank bought […]

How to Open/Close Standard Camper Lift on Your Phoenix Pop Up

Are you thinking about purchasing a Phoenix Pop Up camper? Take a look at these two videos, on how to open and close the Standard Camper Lift.   Design Your Camper Your Way We design all campers custom from the ground up to fit your vehicle the way you want it from the inside out. […]