Mazda custom truck camper

10 Rules to getting along in your Phoenix Pop Up Camper

Follow these 10 valuable rules!

When you are travelling with another person things can get crammed and tense. It is good to set some ground rules to make things simpler and more organized.

Rule 1: Show mutual respect

This is the key element to any relationship, respect the other person and respect yourself.

Rule 2: Don’t over pack take 2-3 days worth of food and clothes.

If you pack too much food and clothes you will be sacrificing vital space for other important things. Do your laundry as you travel, and do the same with groceries.

Rule 3: Everything has a place, put it right back after using.

Being organized and clean is super important, specially in smaller places. If you get in the habit of putting stuff back your camper will be more organized and the other person won’t have to put it away for you.


Rule 4: Give your pets their own space

Animals like to have their own space, where they feel safe and can relax. Assign them a space that is not in the way or might become a tripping hazard.

Rule 5: Plan your meals, grill out don’t clutter

Know what you are going to prepare and when, this way you can know what to buy and save storage space. Be creative try to use one ingredient in more than one meal.

Rule 6: Don’t “overdrive” limit your mileage to 350-400. Enjoy

If you over do it your body will start to ache, you will be in a bad mood and things can get ugly a lot easier. Take it easy don’t be in such a hurry.

Rule 7: Stay fit, eat right, exercise

Practicing exercise and keeping active reduces stress and makes you feel better

Rule 8: Explore, find interesting places.

Search the internet, ask the locals, use a GPS do a little research and you might find some great places to visit. Local bars, small restaurants, you name it usually where locals hang out are the best and cheapest places.

Rule 9: If you buy a souvenir, ship it home

Don’t sacrifice your comfort or the reduced storage space you have, if you decide to buy something ship it home. And also enjoy more buy less.

Rule 10: Apologize, Forgive

I think this goes without saying… but “Say I am sorry!”

Design Your Camper Your Way

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