Weekend Project: Homemade Camper / Survival Vehicle

This camper was built in two days! This might not be the prettiest of campers, but it covers the basics any camper should have. Batteries, running water, toilet, bed, table and a bench. It is the skeleton of any camper. This is a pretty cool minimalistic camper, and it covers the basics of a mobile […]

Boondocking and Urban Camping Tips

This clip gives great tips on Boondocking and Urban Camping. Some of the things discussed in this video are: – How to know when your camper is leveled – Look at parking signs for possible restrictions – Use a compass to park, to use or avoid sunlight – Consider street lamps, they might save you […]

Boondocking: As good as camping gets!

The beauty of a Custom Popup camper, is that it has all the benefits of a truck. So you can go a lot of places other bigger motor homes wouldn’t even dream of. Nothing gives you a feel of bonding with nature like hitting the trail and deciding to camp, in a perfect secluded spot […]