Boondocking: As good as camping gets!

The beauty of a Custom Popup camper, is that it has all the benefits of a truck. So you can go a lot of places other bigger motor homes wouldn’t even dream of. Nothing gives you a feel of bonding with nature like hitting the trail and deciding to camp, in a perfect secluded spot and being one with nature. No neighbors, stars, coyotes, solitude! It simply does not get any better. Spain (2)

“Simply put, all boondocking is dry camping, but all dry camping is not boondocking.”






The size of your Phoenix Popup determines how much you can carry with you. This is good because it is light and lies in the back of your truck, but also limits the amount of water, batteries and residual water you can store.

Neli-RV Bliss Island


You have to find a balance between amount of time you want to Boondock and making your resources last longer. If you plan on taking longer hot showers, or watching TV for hours, the amount of time you can stay will be limited compared to a more minimalistic approach to nature.  Simply decide which things are really important to you, which ones you can reduce and which you can do without and make the proper adjustments.


Do you have any Boondocking experiences of your own? Or tips you have learned out in the country? Share them with us! We really love to hear form everybody out there and what are they up to.


Design Your Camper Your Way

We design all campers custom from the ground up to fit your vehicle the way you want it from the

by Ben Edmonsen taken from the Overland Expo Website.
by Ben Edmonsen taken from the Overland Expo Website.

inside out. We build a custom camper from one of our three floor plans to fit your vehicle’s make, model, and bed size. We have build and sold our campers for more than 40 years and we are committed to providing the best possible design and buying experience by serving our customers directly, read more About Us