10 Rules to getting along in your Phoenix Pop Up Camper

Mazda custom truck camper

Follow these 10 valuable rules! When you are travelling with another person things can get crammed and tense. It is good to set some ground rules to make things simpler and more organized. Rule 1: Show mutual respect This is the key element to any relationship, respect the other person and respect yourself. Rule 2: Don’t […]

Meg and Jed Wolfrom: We Love Our PHOENIX Custom Camper!

middle of the world

“This is an amazing journey everybody should do at least once in their life!” We are Meg and Jed Wolfrom, and we just spent 19 months living out of our Phoenix camper full time. In those 19 months we drove over 30,000 miles from Wyoming through Mexico, Central America and South America until we reached […]

Meg and Jed enter their final month of travel

Another update from our friends on the final leg of their adventures from WY to South America in their ’97 Tacoma and Custom Phoenix Pop up. Here is a link to one of their latest adventures: http://adventureamericas.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/ruta-40-norte-and-the-land-of-lunch/

Meg & Jed Update

If you’ve been following along, you know that a couple of our customers have been in the process of recovering from a brutal attack in Peru while traveling in their Phoenix Pop Up truck camper. They are now well on the road to recovery; in fact, they just crossed the border into Chile after getting […]

Meg & Jed on The Today Show

Last week we took a look at our customers Meg and Jed’s first hand account of their ordeal which took place in Peru. They have made it safely back to the States and were featured on The Today Show in New York City on Jan. 25. Watch the footage here!

Meg and Jed Free At Last!

Last time we checked up on our friends/customers Meg and Jed they were in an awful situation in Peru. We are happy to share they were able to make it out safely! via Adventure America’s Facebook Page: After several weeks of digging through the aftermath of the attack with doctors and corrupt police and the […]

Prayers For Our Friends and a Word of Warning for Other Travelers

Many of you have been following our friends Meg and Jed through their Pan American travels in their Tacoma with a Phoenix Pop UP camper. We just learned of their traumatic, unbelievable nightmare of an experience they just lived through in a village in Peru. http://adventureamericas.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/nightmare-in-peru/ We are asking for your positive thoughts and prayers […]

Thinking about a pop up camper?

This is a great review from a couple who own a Phoenix Pop Up. Thanks for the kind words and we look forward to your adventures in 2013!

The Adventure Begins

Jed and Meg have begun the adventure of their life. As we posted a few months back these two adventurous folks are taking on the Americas. Traveling from Jackson WY to South America in their Toyota Tacoma truck with a Phoenix Pop Up Camper. Follow their story at http://adventureamericas.wordpress.com We wish them the very best and a safe exciting […]

An Adventure of a Lifetime

Meg and Jed owners

Have you ever thought of dropping everything,  packing up and taking off for a year or however long it takes to travel south of the border and beyond? Well that is just what Meg and Jed are doing, and they are taking us all with them through their blog . http://adventureamericas.wordpress.com/