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Meg and Jed Wolfrom: We Love Our PHOENIX Custom Camper!

“This is an amazing journey everybody should do at least once in their life!”

We are Meg and Jed Wolfrom, and we just spent 19 months living out of our Phoenix camper full time. In those 19 months we drove over 30,000 miles from Wyoming through Mexico, Central America and South America until we reached the southern-most tip of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. chiliOur drive took us through two continents, 16 different countries, and 20 different states in the USA .  We bumped our way along over 17,000 miles of dirt roads and trails.  We wound our way through intensely hot overgrown jungle paths, climbed over a 17,200 foot snowy mountain pass and raced along the ocean on brilliant white sandy beaches.  Through thick and thin, wind and rain our camper kept us dry and comfortable every night no matter what the conditions. Funnily enough, we became so comfortable in our camper that when in towns without campsites we would sometimes rent a cheap room for the night just to use the shower and then sleep in the hotel parking lot in our camper.

Our Phoenix Camper surpassed our expectations

meg jed 13Over the months and bumps our truck broke down several times, but we never had a problem with our camper. In fact, even when we rolled the truck on its side in a deep muddy ditch the camper held in place with just the internal ratchet system that Rob installed for us the day we picked it up.  All in all our Phoenix far surpassed what we thought a Camper could go through. Plus enabled us to live completely free from the confines of electricity and civilization.  With the propane run stove top and refrigerator, 12 gallon water storage, Fantastic fan and solar panel we could roll up on any deserted Central American beach and surf for days totally alone and comfortable.

The campers slim profile and light weight, rugged design allowed us to go wherever we wanted, even up incredibly steep and thin mountain trails in the Andes mountains.  With a larger, heavier vehicle we would never have made it to so many special places along our journey.  The Phoenix’s heavy duty yet light weight aluminum frame handled the most abusive trails and stood up to the riggers of daily washboard roads. 

jed meg el slavadoreI truly believe that if you want to get a way from it all, deep in to the back country, there couldn’t be a better camper for the job!PhoenixPop Up

Design Your Camper Your Way

We design all campers custom from the ground up to fit your vehicle the way you want it from the inside out. jed meg Los FloresWe build a custom camper from one of our three floor plans to fit your vehicle’s make, model, and bed size. We have build and sold our campers for more than 40 years and we are committed to providing the best possible design and buying experience by serving our customers directly, read more About Us jed meg Chemuc Champay