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5 Reasons Camping is Good for Kids

Exploring the outdoors and camping in the wild can be educational for children without them even knowing it

What is the best learning experience when growing up that you can remember? I don’t know about you, but for me, experiencing something teaches me a lot more than a textbook; and the acquired knowledge sticks with me longer too!

Not without reason it is said that experience is the best teacher, and experiencing the outdoors from a young age can help develop a special sensitivity towards nature and strengthen important skills that can become very helpful later in life. In case you need more reasons to take your kids camping regularly, here are 5 of them!

Camping is good for kids

1) Learning about the Environment

Camping provides children the opportunity to learn about the land, ocean or forest, depending on where you camp. North America offers hundreds of different camping environments, from bushes to beaches and deserts. A great way to make kids interested in their surroundings is to organize a scavenger hunt for them during the trip, or go Geocaching!

2) Discovering Wildlife

Many campgrounds have animal visits, ranging from lizards, raccoons and birds to larger animals such as deer or even a bear. But you don’t have to sit at camp to wait for them, taking a hike or a wildlife watching tour to see them in their natural environment will make a great learning experience.

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3) Culture and Natural History

Get the children to research their destination before they leave home. See if they can find interesting facts that will point them towards a local museum or heritage-trail in the local area. Sometimes, just talking to the locals can be fascinating too!

4) Social Interaction

Camping is the perfect way for kids to make new friends from all over the world. The camaraderie and sense of community of a campground is unlike any other holiday experience. Healthy and lifelong friendships can be forged as the kids spend more time outdoors with others rather than with their electronic devices!

5) Survival Skills

Taking the kids out of their comfort zone, getting them to help set up camp and including them in the many camping duties, is a great way to teach them basic survival skills. Talking through campfire safety, camp cooking, and low-impact camping practices will give them a wide range of skills for their future.

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