Handy outdoor survival skills everyone should know

Knowing what to do in an unexpected situation

We know that in your Custom Phoenix Truck Camper you will always be safe, cozy and as comfortable as possible while camping. But it is always better to be prepared for the unexpected, and we are knocking on wood as we say it…getting lost or injured on a hiking trip and being unable to return to the safety of your Phoenix Camper; or having your truck break down and get stranded out in the wild, away from civilization.

In a two-part article, we’ll list 10 of the basic survival skills that could keep you sound and alive until help arrives, however, there are many more useful skills you may want to take the time to research and learn. The first 4 today:



This is such an important skill to have, which is useful not only on survival situations but to avoid getting lost in the first place. But if you do get lost, with basic navigation skills you can avoid retracing your steps and find your way back to the campsite.

Catching fish and small animals

In a survival situation a healthy human can live for weeks without food. But eventually you’ll need to eat and animals are a safe choice if you’re not a vegetarian (vegetarians lose the bacteria that they need to process meat). It is recommended to always bring a fishing line with a high test rating along with a few hooks. Fishing line can also be used for small animal traps.

Sunset fishing

Setting a broken bone & First Aid

If you break a bone you should always head to a hospital ASAP. But being out in the wild you’ll need to know how to set a bone if rescue isn’t an option. Learning how to build a splint and how to perform CPR, among other basic first aid procedures, is of great benefit for you and your camping companions.


Being conscious of your surroundings and adapting

Your ability to adapt is your most important resource in the wilderness. No matter if you are on a two-day camping trip or stuck on a mountain for a week, you should always know your surroundings. If you can stay calm and take a logical approach at unexpected situations, you’ll have better and faster chances of getting out of it.

Hiking the Grand Canyon

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