Responsible Camping In Your Custom Built Phoenix Pop Up

Camping without a trace

Camping is a time honored tradition. Most of us have fond memories of camping as a child, the comfort of the fire, the mysterious sounds of the woods as you are falling asleep in your tent, snuggled up in a sleeping bag. The wild life, the birds, the exploring, and the memories are all something we want to share with the next generation. That is why it is so important that we show respect for our environment when we are out camping, hiking and exploring.


custom-camper-offroad11How to be a responsible camper

  • Use existing campsites. If a campsite is not available, look for non-vegetated areas so that you disturb as little natural wildlife as possible. Don’t set up camp too close to trails and water.
  • Leave your camp area exactly as you found it. In other words: Pack out what you pack in. Having extra trash bags available is always a good idea so that you can pick up any trash that you or others have left behind. Remember, you are not the first camper, and you won’t be the last, so let’s make sure that the great outdoors stays great for all to experience
  • If possible, cook your meals on a camp stove instead of a campfire. Camp stoves leave less of an impact on the land. If there are existing fire rings at your campsite, you should of course use them. How else are you going to make that s’more?
  • Only use wood that has already fallen to start a fire; under no circumstances should you cut standing trees.
  • Make sure your fire is all the way out before turning in for the night
  • You may enjoy a good soap and shampoo, but the aquatic life does not, and they were here first. Use designated washrooms wherever available.
  • And again, pick up after yourself. When you leave, it should look as if you had never been there at all.



Custom build your camper to respect the environment

The Phoenix Pop Up family
has been in the camping business for over 40 years, and hopes to continue to revolutionize your camping experience for 40+ years to come. That’s why we have several custom design options available for all of our campers so that when you are out camping your can minimize your impact of the environment, leaving it just as it should be for many more campers to enjoy. This includes a propane stove and a porta potti with special stow away options so that you do not need to disturb the land with your waste or by building a fire. With the Pop Up built specifically for your vehicle, the also eliminates the need to take up extra space in nature by finding a good spot to pitch your tents. The Phoenix Pop up comes with a queen size bed and a comfort foam mattress, plus the kitchen seating area fold into an extra bed. No tent necessary. Give us a call and let’s talk about how to make your next camper environmentally friendly, so that you can go explore nature, guilt free.