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Very Useful Tips To Be A Good Camping Neighbor

When you visit a campground, it is very important to maintain the peace with your fellow camping neighbors, to guarantee that your camping trip goes nice and calm. Today Phoenix Pop Up Campers would like to give you some tips on how you can be a good camping neighbor, and how to avoid any type of conflict with other campers.


Do Not Walk Through Other Campsites

Having respect for other’s personal space is very important. Therefore, walking through another person’s campsite is considered intrusive and many people will find this highly offensive. So, even if you have to take the long way to get to the washrooms or to other camp locations, never invade other people’s campgrounds, unless you receive express authorization to do so.camping with pets

Control Your Pet

Never leave your pet without a leash while on the campground, even if it’s harmless. Not everyone wants your dog running through their campsite. Also, always remember to pick up after your pet. There’s nothing worse than stepping on poo, especially if you are barefoot!

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Extinguish Your Campfire When Going To Sleep

Remember to put out your campfire when going to sleep or if leaving the campsite. Keep in mind that you are not alone, and the smoke can become overwhelming if a campfire is not maintained properly.

Be Thoughtful When Using A Radio Or TV

Avoid using your Radio or TV late at night without headphones; as the people nearby might be trying to sleep. Also, during the day try not to use your electronic device with loud volume, so you don’t disturb your neighbors.

Don’t Leave Trash At Your Campsite

Never leave trash laying around in your campsite, as raccoons and other wild animals are always waiting for the opportunity to find camper’s trash. The worst part is that they can make lots of noise fighting for food scraps and drag the trash around, leaving a real mess behind them.

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