Tailgate thoughts from a new owner

Congratulations to one of the newest Phoenix Pop Up owners Vzfit!

I am the new owner of the raptor pulse pictured above and I am very pleased with the camper!

My thoughts on the tailgate: 1) The tailgate is lockable, so it does add extra security for your camper, inside contents, and outside doors (like my generator compartment which has a small lock on it, but I feel better being able to lock my tailgate). 2) The positioning of the camper within the tailgate doesn’t make the rear of the truck droop or sag as much. My truck suspension is completely stock with no air bags. 3) Any worries I have of someone shutting the tailgate on me can be put to rest with a master lock placed on one of the tailgate latches. However, I just sit my trash bag, muddy boots, firewood, etc. on my “porch.” The tailgate allows stuff you don’t want inside to be reached easily from inside. 4) The backup camera is very nice and I have grown pretty fond of it. I hope these answer some questions and this setup works for me and my rig just fine.

– Vzfit