Let There Be Light

We have listened to our customers and have now made LED fixed lighting standard on the Geo Den Flip!!  Contacts for more information and availability.. Light weight Go anywhere camper equipped for only $16,595.  

Searching For Scat With Your Special Expedition Vehicle

Grizzly bear

If you are the owner of a camper, you are likely aware that this here world is home to an immense amount of adventures – including a variety of animal sightings! With over 900 species living in Colorado’s 12 National Parks and 42 State Parks alone, it might be more difficult not to see a […]

Great Tips To Select The Best Hiking Boots

hiking gear

One of the best things of having a Custom Truck Camper is that you can camp anywhere where your vehicle can go. That gives you the opportunity to discover great places and if you are someone who loves hiking or wants to experiment with it, then you will need to consider owning a pair of comfortable […]

Want to Escape the Cold? Check out these Great Places in Colorado!


Winter is a great time of year, you can practice snowboarding, enjoy the scenery and wildlife. But after a while an escape to a warmer climate seems heavenly. Take a look at this great options to get a second wind under the sun. Curry Hammock State Park The Florida Keys, Florida Curry Hammock is made […]

International Distress Signals: Just in Case

When going out on a trip specially in the great outdoors, the chances of something going wrong tend to increase. Knowing how to ask for  help in these cases can mark the difference between life and death. So being prepared for these unfortunate scenarios is always advisable. Here are a couple of tips that can […]

Safety Tips: Camping Near Bears

After a long winter’s hibernation, black bears are yawning, stretching and thinking about their first meal, probably near your campground. So, let’s talk about how you can safely camp in bear country. Bears are always on the hunt for food, and if you think your vittles are safe because you camp inside a pop up, […]

Truck Camper Travelers Blog a Great Read!

Our customers and friends Gary and Anna Ruuska picked up their camper for their Ford F-250 long bed this past May and set out on a wonderful journey exploring this wonderful country we live in. Along they way they blogged about their experiences and the places they went. Here is a link to their blog. http://tctravelers.wordpress.com I […]

Living Life with a Phoenix Camper

Another great article  about one of our customers written by Gordon and Angela White at Truck Camper Magazine. Check it out along with all the other great information on their site: http://www.truckcampermagazine.com/alex-paquin-the-phoenix-elvis-wong-special-edition