Let There Be Light

We have listened to our customers and have now made LED fixed lighting standard on the Geo Den Flip!!  Contacts for more information and availability.. Light weight Go anywhere camper equipped for only $16,595.  

Happy Thanksgiving

Here at Phoenix we have much to be grateful for this Holiday Season. First is the wonderful customers we have gotten to know over the years! You the customer is why we still enjoy building our custom campers! We are also grateful for our staff, family, friends and our health.  We are allowing our staff […]

5 Of The Best Fishing Spots For Camping In The Country

family fishing on dock

Fishing is one of the all time favorite activities of the wild camping lovers, which is why we would like to give you 5 of the best places for fishing in United States: Yellowstone National Park Located in Wyoming, the Yellowstone National Park is definitely one of the best fishing spots in America. The National Park is home […]

Mitch Kistner: Pro Bass Fisherman & Proud Phoenix Pop Up Owner

Mitch Kistner Bass Fisherman

Mitch and his Phoenix Pop Up appeared on TCM’s latest issue:  Lifelong passion for fishing Mitch started fishing with his dad, when he was around 3 years old. After that when him and his family moved to Arizona, Mitch would go fishing with his Uncle Don on a 17 foot aluminum Bass Tracker.  He also […]

Want to Escape the Cold? Check out these Great Places in Colorado!


Winter is a great time of year, you can practice snowboarding, enjoy the scenery and wildlife. But after a while an escape to a warmer climate seems heavenly. Take a look at this great options to get a second wind under the sun. Curry Hammock State Park The Florida Keys, Florida Curry Hammock is made […]

International Distress Signals: Just in Case

When going out on a trip specially in the great outdoors, the chances of something going wrong tend to increase. Knowing how to ask for  help in these cases can mark the difference between life and death. So being prepared for these unfortunate scenarios is always advisable. Here are a couple of tips that can […]

Kistner Partners with Phoenix Pop Up Campers!

Kistner Partners with Phoenix Pop Up Campers! Former collegiate angler and founder of the Arizona State University Bass Fishing team, Mitch Kistner, will be partnering with Denver based company, Phoenix Pop Up Campers. Kistner will be competing in the 2013 Bassmaster Central Opens with his lodging strapped to his truck. Having traveled thousands of miles […]