Mitch Kistner Bass Fisherman

Mitch Kistner: Pro Bass Fisherman & Proud Phoenix Pop Up Owner

Mitch and his Phoenix Pop Up appeared on TCM’s latest issue:

 Lifelong passion for fishingMitch Kistner Bass Fisherman

Mitch started fishing with his dad, when he was around 3 years old. After that when him and his family moved to Arizona, Mitch would go fishing with his Uncle Don on a 17 foot aluminum Bass Tracker.  He also started competing with his uncle, and that is how Mitch got into the competitive side of things. During high school fishing got put aside to pursue other interest. But once in college Mitch started fishing once more, he created Arizona’s State Bass Fishing Club.

He entered his first Pro Tournament in 2009 and was in Bass Master Central Opens the following year, which he is still doing along with FLW Rayovac Series.


A Phoenix Pop Up Camper became a necessity.

Mitch started sleeping in the bed of his 1991 F-250, then purchased a Camper shell and did some minor modifications to create his own homemade camper. 🙂

Mitch knew he wanted a Pop Up camper for his truck because they are light-weight and provide fuel economy. That is when he contacted us, and we started designing a Custom Pop Up Camper to fulfill Mitch’s needs.


His Phoenix Camper made all the travelling a lot easier. Now he has his Bed, Stove, Propane Fridge and Bathroom / Shower wherever he goes.

When Mitch has a tournament it would be something similar to this:

He drives one or two days in order to reach his destination, pulling over to sleep when he has to. Once there, he sets up his camp spot and removes the camper. He stays there 7 – 10 days, of which 5 – 10 are dedicated to pre-fishing.

Mitch gets to know the river or lake during this time trying out the best bait, and usually gets back to the camper right before dark. Where he cooks his meals and gets to bed, to wake up early and start all over again.

Many of these bodies of water are remote and no hotels are nearby, owning the camper has surely made this a lot easier.



Whats Next?


“My goal is to be in the Bassmaster Elite Series, which is like the NFL of bass fishing.  I will keep trying for as long as I can afford to, or as long as it takes to get there.”








Truck: 1999 Ford F-250, extended cab, long bed, single rear wheel, 4×2, gas
Camper: 2013 Phoenix Pop-Up PULSE SC, 8 foot
Tie-downs/Turnbuckles: Phoenix’s Tie-downs
Suspension: N/A
Gear: Rigid Industries 20” E2 driving light bar, Rigid Industries SR-M back-up lights to the truck, three Rigid Industries D-Series diffused lights for aerial lighting, two Rigid Industries A series 200 lumen amber lights right and left looking down from the overcab
Boat: 2001 Triton TR-22, Mercury 250 hp, Pro XB engine





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