Structural Integrity: Phoenix Has It

Hit By 3500 truck

Cari & Robert,   A few months ago I was side-swiped by a pickup and the only damage to my camper was the one Jack which was bent completely in but nothing else was damaged.  The camper itself had no damage and even protected my pickup from any damage thanks to how strong it was […]

Our Customers Show Us, Campers Are Not Just For Camping

Many of our customers have found other uses for their campers than just camping. One of the most popular is Tailgating for sporting events, use for hang out during long weekend tournaments, music festivals and much more..

Great Advice on Turning on Your LP System From RV Repair Club.

We have had customers who have LP systems who have for gotten the proper way to turn on their LP system.. It’s not hard to forget since most of us all have LP Bar-B-Q’s and the speed at which you crank on the tank does not generally matter when getting the grill ready for buggers […]

More Durable Expedition Vehicles Means More Comfortable Living

It’s summer AND you just purchased a new, super durable, high caliber expedition vehicle – a combination that is sure to have you temporarily moving out of your house and into your camper. And because Phoenix Pop Up’s custom-made campers are more high end, you’re going to want to spend a lot more time nesting in […]

Camper Customization Is What We Do!

high durability Custom truck camper

Customization is what makes our Phoenix custom campers so great! Our advantage is that our customers are able to customize their pop up camper with their own style and personality, creating the best customized truck campers in Colorado! We will make sure to fit every need and do our best to satisfy any demand our customers might have. We have […]

Invest This Spring in the Custom Truck Camper of Your Dreams

The long cold Winter continued into a cold Spring. But Summer surely brings some great camping adventures and great stories to tell on your custom truck camper. It’s time to think about that custom-built truck camper that you always dreamed of and go camping to all those places in your bucket list! All of our campers are […]

What if you Get Mom the Toughest Off-Roading Custom Truck Camper?

Camping in Costa Rica

A Custom Truck Camper For A One of a Kind Adventure Mom Life has all types of moms, if yours, like ours, is one tough adventurous spirit. A custom truck camper by Phoenix Pop Up may be the most awesome Mother’s Day gift she will ever get. At least until grandchildren come along, but there’s […]

Camp Anywhere Your Truck Can Go

Larry and Ty's Campers

Pick up trucks that come with 4×4 traction are well known for their ability to go almost to any destination in the world where there’s a bad road. With our custom truck campers you can camp in any of those places. If your truck can make it to your camping destination, so do our custom […]

Happy Independence Day, from the Phoenix Pop Up Family!

The fourth of July is here, you can’t put it off any longer, it’s time to decide: who is going to man the grill, and where are you going to watch the firework display? These are the two most important decisions you will have to make on our nations independence day. Your Phoenix pop up […]

Take Your Phoenix Pop Up to Where It All Began: Yellowstone National Park

The World’s First National Park Yellowstone is where it all began. It preserves to this day the majority of the world’s geysers, including the most famous of them all: Old Faithful. These geysers were the main reason the park was established in 1872, becoming America’s first national park. It covers an area greater than Delaware […]