Take Your Phoenix Pop Up to Where It All Began: Yellowstone National Park

The World’s First National Park

Yellowstone is where it all began. It preserves to this day the majority of the world’s geysers, including the most famous of them all: Old Faithful. These geysers were the main reason the park was established in 1872, becoming America’s first national park. It covers an area greater than Delaware and Rhode Island combined, but taking the time to explore Yellowstone National Park is something you will never regret. And a custom made Phoenix Pop Up camper is the perfect way to see as much as possible.

Yellowstone Geysers

Patience is your friend

There are over 300 geysers to explore, but the geyser Old Faithful is the oldest and most regular geyser in Yellowstone National Park. It will erupt approximately every 35-120 minutes. The legend goes that Old Faithful would erupt every hour on the hour, but unfortunately it is not that predictable. But erupt it will, even if it tests your patience and makes you wait around for a few hours. And once it erupts, you will be glad you waited. It is a sight to see. Old Faithful can continue erupting for up to 5 minutes and will reach heights of up to 184 ft.  To fully appreciate the size of Old Faithful, move further away and see how big it is in comparison to surrounding buildings. It is a must see for any outdoor enthusiast.

Grizzly Bear

Bring a good zoom-lens

Almost as impressive as the erupting geysers is the wildlife. Yellowstone is one of the few places in North America where you may get the chance to see a Grizzly bear. Mostly active at night, should you spot this wondrous creature, please use common sense and do not get near the animal. This goes for all of the wildlife in Yellowstone. Wildlife in any form, big or small is unpredictable, and in order to preserve as much of the natural wildlife of Yellowstone, it is important that you merely look, but under no circumstances touch, feed or lure the animals closer so that you can get a better picture. As far as wildlife, the zoom lens is your best friend.

Custom made campers

Build My Pop Up

The park covers 3,472 square miles, with four entrances and has campgrounds spread throughout the park. Most people divide their stay at Yellowstone between several campgrounds to cut down on drive time. This is perfect for the Phoenix Pop Up, when you are ready to switch locations, you Pop Up is pretty much already packed up and ready to go, and regardless of the amenities of the campground, your Pop Up can be equipped with many additional features to make sure you always have electricity, running water and a kitchen. Your Phoenix Pop Up is a self-sufficient, camp anywhere, home on wheels. Call us today to set up an appointment . Let’s make your next adventure a Phoenix Pop Up adventure.