Boondocking and Urban Camping Tips

This clip gives great tips on Boondocking and Urban Camping. Some of the things discussed in this video are: – How to know when your camper is leveled – Look at parking signs for possible restrictions – Use a compass to park, to use or avoid sunlight – Consider street lamps, they might save you […]

Full time Boondocking: Thanks to solar power and using it wisely

Three Phoenix Pop Ups

In this video we follow these two full time boondockers, and they reveal how they are able to live out in the country without having to connect to external power or sewers. With the use of modern technology like solar power, and other energy efficient devices you can live “unplugged” in the middle of nature. […]

Adventure Americas MEXICO

The latest blog from our friends taking on the adventure of a life time. This blog is not only insightful, there are so many beautiful pictures depicting their travels and their story is so well written keeping you waiting for the next…