Toyota Tacoma Service Job

Service Job: Phoenix Custom Pop Up Camper on a Toyota Tacoma

This is our most recent  job, we redid the camper on this Toyota Tacoma inside and out.

Toyota Tacoma Pop Up

Service Job 1

Exterior Paint:

One of the key things in this project was to have the paint of the camper match the truck’s original paint. So we had a special paint mixed, and applied it to the camper. Now the truck and camper look like one! Shades of Red  are very hard to match especially metallic, since the truck has so many curves and catches the light in so many different ways and the camper is pretty much flat.



The old cabinetry was replaced, and we added new dark stained wood cabinets.


service job2




Another key feature of this renovation was replacing the old Liner with a new one.

service job 3     service job 4








And finally we added a 6000 BTU heater, now their camper will always be nice and warm during those colder winter nights.


service job 5


Want to give your camper an extreme make-over?

Contact us, we would love to hear what ideas you have. And together we can build something great!


Toyota Tacoma Pop Up


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