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Pop Up Camper Maintenance

Life in the great outdoors can be tough on your pop up camper, but with a little TLC you can have it looking and feeling brand new. With the proper care your camper will  beready for action, for many many years to come. DCIM100GOPRO

Here are a couple of useful tips to keep your Pop Up looking and feeling like the first day!

Keep the canvas part of the camper free of mold and tears. When the canvas is wet, never lower the top and close it. The canvas should always be dry and free of any debris. Wash the canvas with water and non-lanolin soap, and then allow drying. If you must put the top down in the rain, open it as soon as you can and allow drying.

Repair any tears in the canvas or screens immediately. Prevention is the key to the long life of the canvas. A small tear in the screen can be fixed with a sewing needle and thread. A tear in the canvas can be fixed with another piece of canvas a little bigger than the tear, using strong cement glue. Reapply water repellent when specified by the manufacturer. This will keep the canvas waterproof and you dry. Use only a repellent that is recommended.

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Keep critters out of the pop-up camper by keeping it clean and sealed. Inspect all seals, door entries and floorboards to make sure critters cannot get in. Look underneath to make sure that all areas where plumping and/or electrical piping enter the camper are sealed. If not, use a sealant to make sure nothing, including bees, can get in.

Check the tires, lights and crank for wear before and after each outing. If you notice wear, replace the item before it breaks or becomes a safety issue.

Article source: ehow Bronco

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