Sun shining through tree

Let the Sun Fuel Your Next Phoenix Pop Up Adventure

Dry camping…with benefits

We all say we want to get off the grid for a few days and get back to basics. Pull the plug, so to speak. Take time to smell the roses. Be one with nature. There are many clichés that we tell ourselves all the time and we daydream about sitting in a lawn chair in the shade of a million trees as old as time, listening to the birds chirp and the fire crackling in the pit.

All of this is possible with a Phoenix Pop Up custom truck camper. If your truck can get there, so can the pop up and you can camp as dry as you want, for as long as you want…

Solar Powered Battery charger

Solar Power for your truck camper

Just because you have found the perfect secluded spot in nature to camp out for a few days, or weeks if you have the supplies, doesn’t mean you can’t have a few luxury items with you, like electricity, for instance. One of the most popular items that we are asked about when building a pop up is the 100w solar powered battery system.  While you are out exploring, why not use all that nature has to offer and get yourself a little juice in the camper, so that when you return from a long day of hiking, swimming, or just sitting, there’s a nice cold drink waiting for you in camper’s fridge. The sun has been giving us life for millions of years, generating power to sustain everything you see around you. It is the primary source of earth’s energy. It is literally the reason you are able to go camping in the first place. Why not take full advantage of everything the sun has to offer and get yourself a solar battery charger? It’s still “dry camping” if you use the sun. I mean, you brought matches, too, right? Or, a lighter? You weren’t really planning on rubbing two sticks together to make that evening bon-fire, were you? So, if you can use matches, you can use the sun to power up a few luxury items for you boondocking adventure.

Camping in the rain

Saving up for a rainy day

Even in the summer, a little rain must fall. And sometimes that rain will fall in the middle of your camping trip. As cozy as the sound of rain pounding on the roof of your Pop Up, wouldn’t it be nicer if you could turn on the radio, or even power up your laptop (you know you brought it!) so that you can watch a movie while snuggled up in the queen size loft bed with a 4” comfort foam mattress? It’s okay, you’re still camping. Remember, all of this is possible because of the sun and all its energy you’ve been storing up in your solar powered battery, just for this very occasion.

Like the Boy Scout motto says “always be prepared”, and a Boy Scout is the ultimate dry camper. Be prepared for that rainy day, and store up some solar power so you won’t be left in the dark.

Custom made campers

Build My Pop Up

At Phoenix Pop Up Campers we will work directly with you, our customer, to custom make your camper any way you want. There is no limit to what we can build. We can make your camper like a house on wheels, with all the amenities, or we can keep it simple, and just provide an easy “pack and go” camping experience with our smallest floor plan. No frills, just a place to rest your weary head and let the wind rustling the trees lull you off to sleep. Pop in today and see how we can make your camper fit all of your camping needs, so that you are prepared for anything, anywhere, anytime.