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How to Build a Pop-Up Camper to Fit Your Camping Lifestyle

Camping is an activity many people enjoy, but not everyone wants to rough it. There are times when you want to have some basic amenities in place, yet enjoy the thrill of being in the great outdoors. This is where a pop-up camper comes in.

We are a leading company in this space, offering high quality, customized pop-up camper options. When you purchase one of these from us, you can be sure that you will have a great camping accessory for you and your family.

Options for the Perfect Customized Pop-Up Camper

Add amenities & features you prefer to build the perfect camper suited to your lifestyle.

While we have a base model, that is just the foundation of what your customized pop-up camper will finally be. Once you have added all the amenities and features you prefer, it will be perfectly suited to your camping lifestyle. When you have a self-sufficient, customized slide-in camper or flatbed camper, you can go to any remote spot that has no amenities. Once you carry all the necessary items, you will find that your pop-up camper makes the trip more comfortable.

Some additional personalization options to consider when you choose to build pop-up camper include:

  • Consider if you need a little extra legroom or headroom.
  • Add luxury amenities such as a fresh water system, extra outlets, or a skylight
  • Install glass windows
  • Add some storage
  • Turn the dinette into a bed

We understand that each one of our customers will have different requirements, and we take the time to understand these needs before providing suitable solutions within your budget. Your camper will be unique, practical, functional, and robust. It’s a great investment that can last for several years without any trouble.

How to Build a Pop-Up Camper

We make this process easy for you. You can source all the information you need on our website, check the various camper styles. This makes the process straightforward for you. We have simplified the process of adding all the customized features, and these are the steps to follow:

  • Build a quote by choosing the base model and options you want and then send the request to us.
  • Our experts will contact you and confirm the details while asking additional questions about the options.
  • We will create your purchase order and email it to you.
  • After you confirm the order and make the initial payment, we work on the plans and deliver the product on schedule.

While you may start with a base model, by the time you get your pop-up camper home, it will feel like it was custom built to suit your camping lifestyle.