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Four Simple Steps to Buying a Custom Pop Up Camper

If you’ve decided to switch it up this summer for your family vacation, you might decide to get yourself an adventure camper. 

Buying your own custom pop up camper takes just four simple steps.

Where to Start

If you’re buying a custom pop up camper, there are just a few simple steps you need to take. 

  1. Building a Quote

The first step is always to build a quote. With a variety of packages and options to customize your camper, you can choose your style — either sliding or flatbed — and design parts yourself to make it truly personalized. 

  1. Confirming Your Order 

The next step is to confirm your camper order. Our team will review your build and send over a purchase order. We require every customer to sign the order to confirm the purchase. 

  1. Making a Down Payment

Before we start building your custom camper, we always ask for a down payment of 1/4 of the total price. This is non-refundable, and it ensures that there are no mess-ups with the order.

  1. Completing the Build

The second quarter of the payment is required six months before building the pop-up camper. Don’t worry; we will double-check all of your choices are correct before starting the build. We want to check that you’ve chosen the right upholstery and cabinetry, and we will ask if you have any extra things you want to add at the last minute. 

Once you’re certain of exactly what you want when it comes to buying a custom pop up camper for your next vacation, we will set a completion date, and your pop up camper will be in your hands in no time. 

Please note that a typical custom pop up camper build will take around 14 months to complete. 

Need Help?

Head over to our FAQ page to answers any questions you may have before you start to build your camper.