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Don’t Pick Wild Flowers During Camping Adventures

Camping can be an amazing way to get away from it all and enjoy the outdoors. But if you don’t know the rules, you could cause damage to the landscape that could have serious consequences in the future. One of the biggest mistakes campers make is picking wild flowers when they are hiking and camping in nature. But why shouldn’t you pick wild flowers when camping? How else can you avoid making mistakes when camping?

Rule 1: Keep The Wild Where it Belongs

The vast majority of wildflowers are considered to be threatened and endangered species, meaning that while you’re out enjoying your camping adventures, you should keep your hands off. They might look pretty, and they may be tempting to pick, but not only can you pick a protected plant in some places, but it’s also illegal in many places and can cause a lot of environmental damage. If you want to bring some fresh color with you on your camping adventures, then just go for artificial flowers.

Rule 2: Leave Nothing But Footprints

It is important to know the rules when camping.
photo by National Parks Service – nps.gov

To ensure our camping adventures leave no lasting damage on any land we camp on, make sure to carry out all of your trash, including food scraps and toilet paper. Pack out everything that you pack in. After setting up camp for a few days, take a hike away from your site and look around. Is there any trash left behind? Anything leftover that you could easily pack out with you when leaving? If so, pack it up!

Rule 3: Kill Nothing But Time

We all have phones that can tell us what time it is, but when camping (and, really, in general) we should strive to keep our eyes on more than just our devices. Looking up and marveling at an old tree is much better for us (and nature) than staring at a screen. Plus, it’s not like your phone is going to die from lack of usage… 😉

Rule 4: Enjoy The Outdoors – Leave No Trace

If you’re on a camping adventure, you should enjoy your surroundings. But it’s important to understand that all life is connected, and how we act while out in nature affects everything around us. Remember to leave no trace behind as you explore new places, whether you are staying put or traveling in your camper. One of our most important values should be protecting wildlife and natural resources whenever possible – including while on camping adventures!

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