Slide-In Pop-Up Truck Camper

Build a Slide-In Pop-Up Truck Camper and Live Your Best Camping Life

There comes a time in the life of every camping enthusiast where you’re ready for an upgrade to your tent experience. There’s no shame in wanting to add a few amenities to your camping routine. Sometimes you just want to be able to take a shower in private, you know? Or fall asleep on a comfortable mattress, or plunk your kids down in front of a movie on a rainy day. If you’ve already got the truck and the camping spirit, you’re ready to graduate to a slide-in pop-up truck camper (or flatbed truck camper) and start living your best camping life. 

Upgrading Your Camping Experience

Slide-In Pop-Up Camper and Flat-Bed Truck Camper
Start living your best camping life with a slide-in pop-up truck camper. Photo from Ron Chandler, camping Kokopelli Trail near Moab.

If you find yourself looking longingly at the RV camper or pop-up camper on the campsite next door, it might be time to consider upgrading your camping experience. However, there’s a misconception that you can either camp with a tent or with an RV or a trailer camper. Both an RV and a trailer camper are a big undertaking and will require some driving skills. Traveling with an RV or trailer camper may even limit your adventures and restrict your travels to certain campgrounds and remote locations. 

Don’t worry, Phoenix Pop Up has found the perfect compromise, blending the freedom of camping in a tent with the luxury upgrades and amenities of camping in an RV, and that’s our slide-in pop-up truck campers

Slide-In Pop-Up Truck Camper

If you already have the truck, you already have the foundation for a slide-in pop-up truck camper. Now, all you have to do is contact Phoenix Pop Up and get started on your semi-custom slide-in camper. 

Our pop-up campers are custom-fitted to your truck, and our base model includes all the essentials that you’ll want from your truck camper, like a solid frame, fiberglass siding, windows, electric roof lift, battery hood up, queen size beds, storage, seating, and LED lighting, and more. 

The unit is built to slide in seamlessly onto the back of your truck, and is attached with our exclusive ratchet strap tie down and the Reico Titan four corner mechanical jacks, a drill attachment for easy loading and unloading. 

For those of you with a flatbed truck, fret not. You, too, can customize a flat-bed truck camper!

Once you have your base model, it’s time to add all the luxury amenities to raise the bar on your next adventure. Consider a water system, shower, entertainment units, extra lighting, extra seating, and a toilet! 

The sky’s the limit when you’re preparing to spend a night under the stars.

Build a Phoenix Pop-Up Camper

For more information on building a slide-in or flat-bed truck adventure camper, give us a call.