PULSE SC for Nissan Frontier by Phoenix Pop Up

Custom Make Your Pop Up To Fit You And Your Dog

Camper with room for a service dog

Nothin’ says camping like taking off in your Phoenix Pop Up camper with your best friend at your side, off to explore the world and seek adventures. And nothin’ says best friend like a golden retriever service dog by the name of Chance! This was how our working relationship with Anne started. She needed a camper big enough for her and her “best friend”, and of course a couple other specialty requests. Because, nothin’ says Phoenix Pop Up camper without a few customer specific special requests.

Home away from home

PULSE SC for Nissan Frontier
PULSE SC for Nissan Frontier

Anne came to us wanting a camper to fit on her Nissan Frontier. It had to be self-contained and most importantly, have the right amount of space for herself and her service dog Chance. It did not take us long to settle on the PULSE SC floor plan, so that we would really spread out and make this a home away from home, wherever she may end up when it was time to set up camp for the night. A totally self-contained camper means, never having to worry about where the next official rest stop is.

This camper is pack and go, and go and go and go. In this camper, you have the chance to be spontaneous, and the only thing you have to worry about is whether to turn left or right at the next crossroad.

Custom Made Features

Counter extends over shower area
Counter extends over shower area

Due to a back injury, Anne now has Chance by her side wherever she goes, and that includes camping and any other outdoor activities. The first obvious choice for both necessity and convenience was the addition of an electric lift to help get in and out of the camper. To allow for a little extra living space inside, Anne also opted for added tail light skirts, and of course, paints to match the deep red of her Nissan Frontier.

In order to give her and Chance complete freedom to go anywhere, we added a solar power system, so all she needs is a little sunshine, and she has the power to do anything. And with extra counter space inside the camper, she can also spread out and cook fantastic meals in the fully loaded kitchen.

Getting dirty

Dirty DogThink of how dirty you get when you are camping. Now think about how dirty your kids get when you take them camping. Now imagine how dirty your dog will get when you take him camping. Now decide if you need an external shower for your camper. Yeah, we thought so. And so did Anne, and an external shower was added to her camper so that Chance could get a much needed scrub down after returning from a long day in the great outdoors. As for Anne, she can also use the internal shower system that her PULSE SC is equipped with. Basically, Anne and her dog will each have their own “bathroom”.

Now, that is camping at its most luxurious!

We’re not done yet…

We’re still working on one last feature, getting Anne’s kayak up on the roof, and then adding a roof ladder so that Anne can get up to her kayak. It’s nonstop custom made camping fun here at Phoenix Pop Up campers. Call us today to see how you can get your custom made Phoenix Pop Up today! We build every camper from scratch to make sure you get exactly what you and your family needs for your perfect camping or overlanding experience.