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Co-Pilot Duties: Are you a Helpful Road Companion?

What are the Co-Pilot’s Duties?

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If you like to take very long road trips on your Custom Phoenix Camper, it would be very helpful for you to have a co-pilot on active duty next to you. We all know that if we didn’t win the driving lottery, we would just like to relax and recline our seat, enjoy the view and maybe even get some sleep. But come on, that wouldn’t be fair with the driver, would it?  After all, if you are hitting the road and heading to some distant destination, it means you should try to work as a team right from the start.

Here are the first of some co-pilot duties, or rather skills, which will help the person sitting next to you to be a helpful and fun travel companion:

Knowing how to get around

NavigatingCo-pilots must be able to navigate and read a map. Drivers can’t be expected to both drive safely with two hands and be checking the route on a wrinkled foldout map on their lap. Yes, we know, there’s apps and GPS… But all those require the driver to take their eyes off the road for at least 2 seconds. That’s just as dangerous as checking who texted you, while driving! So, if you are the driver, stick to your duty and trust the directions given by your savvy navigator, as things won’t get any easier if you decide to try a different route or forget to take the highway exit you were told to take five minutes ago.


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A co-pilot is the ultimate troubleshooter onboard. If something falls, breaks, or starts acting up, he or she is the first one bound to address the problem. Some handy skills for your co-pilot to have would be a little mechanical knowledge, lots of duct tape and loose change at their disposals.

Be Entertaining

Road trip gamesCo-pilots should think of themselves as the onboard entertainment to prevent the driver from falling asleep out of boredom. Long drives can get pretty boring sometimes, which is why you might find drivers lost in a daydream more than frequently. So, Some tricks to excel at this duty are to pick up new music for the road, start fun driving games or to think up a few challenging word games. But you should also know when the driver is dizzy from all the games and talking.

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