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5 Things to Do in Colorado This Summer

Finally!!! Summer is here and it is time to take a little time off and join The Great Colorado Outdoors and all the fun and excitement it comes with it. Today we are going to start a series of blogs dedicated to Summer. Our first blog of this great series it’s about things to do in Colorado this summer while camping in your custom truck camper.

1) Hiking

Colorado offers some of the best places for hiking for all the family. With amazing outdoors scenarios and many different places to choose from, you will definitely find a place for hiking when custom truck camping.

2) Mountain Biking

mountain biking

If you like mountain biking, it is amazing all the biking trails that Colorado has to offer. No matter if it’s in the Rocky Mountain National Park, the Greenway Trail in Denver or any other of the many places in Colorado for mountain biking, you will have a great time this summer.

3) White Water Rafting

MileHi Colorado Rafting
MileHi Rafting Company in Clear Creek County

Colorado has some of the greatest rivers for  white water rafting, so if you are looking for an amazing extreme outdoor activity while camping in your Phoenix custom made camper, white water rafting is the answer for you.

4) Fishing

Sunset fishing

Fishing is one of the activities people likes the most while camping in the wild. Colorado has many rivers and lakes where you can practice fishing on your next custom made truck camper.

5) Horseback Riding

Colorado Rocky Mountains in summer

Horseback Riding is a great activity to do for all the family and there are some places in Colorado where you can enjoy this awesome activity, like the Rocky Mountain National Park that offers two stables: Glacier Creek Stables and Moraine Park Stables.

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