5 Great Places to Visit in 2014


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Here is a list of 5 great places to visit this upcoming year! Please remember to share all your camping experiences with us!

1. Mather Campground

Near Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona

mather camp
Source: mad hiker

No outdoor camping experience will ever be complete without paying homage to the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, one of the best and greatest US campgrounds. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has camping grounds which are open year-round. If you’re planning to go during summer, make sure to book for reservations six months in advance.


2. Wawona Campground

Near Yosemite National Park – East Central California

from: nature resrves
Image by: nature reserves

The Wawona campground at the Yosemite National Park is also home to the historic Wawona hotel which dates back from the late 19th century. All in all, there are 13 popular camping grounds within the vicinity of the Yosemite National Park. Horseback riding, golf, hiking, trekking, skiing and rock climbing are just some of the activities that you can indulge in while staying at the Wawon


3. Bowman Lake Campground

Near Glacier National Park – Montana

from: park camper
from: park camper

Located at the northern border of Montana, the Glacier National Park is both a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. New campers, however, should be warned because it is one of the most remote US campgrounds within the park.

But you’ll definitely be stunned by the beauty of the outdoors with a view of the majestic mountains and the Bowman lake. This is a great camping stop for those who want to have the authentic outdoor camping experience.


4. Blackwoods Campground

Near Acadia National Park – Maine

from: Flickr by: dhfore
from: Flickr
by: dhfore

How do you feel about exploring the only national park in New England, which covers more than 47,000 acres of land? This is the exact type of place that you will get to explore by staying at the Blackwoods campground within the Acadia National Park which attracts nearly 3 million visitors per year.


5. Moraine Campground

Near Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado

from: Flickr by: Dane Petersen
from: Flickr
by: Dane Petersen

The Rocky Mountain National Park was established in 1915 and it offers five drive-in campgrounds. What makes this particular area unique is that there are about 200 back country campsites all across the park – just keep in mind that there are no hookups for electric, water or sewer systems for your motor homes.


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Happy New Year!!