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4 Extra Benefits For Your Health When Custom Truck Camping

On our previous blog we talked about some health benefits when going camping on your Phoenix custom truck camper; since there are many health benefits you can acquire from camping. This is why we decided to bring you some extra health benefits while camping, so you can pack your custom pop up camper and hit the road this coming summer:

Custom Truck Adventure At Biscayne National Park

New Experiences

The University Of Texas made a study about the impact that the new experiences create in the brain, and they discovered that new experiences help to keep brains healthy. Camping experiences are always new and challeging, meaning that it will help you keep your brain healthy.

Vitamin D

When you’re out in direct sunlight, you’re taking on a ton of Vitamin D, which allows your body to absorb calcium and phosphorous. Camping in the outdoors this summer will allow you to get enough vitamin D to help your skin look beautiful and healthy.

Sleep Better

Since you have a nice queen size bed when camping inside your Phoenix custom camper, you should have a good night sleep. Sleeping well can reduce inflammation, improve your cardiovascular system and help you stay alert.


Enjoying Mother Nature while camping is the perfect setup for meditation. Some reaserches report that meditation may help you decrease depression, fatigue, heart disease and even allergies by reducing stress and increasing self awarness.

Customer experiences

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