Outdoors with father and son

Whisk Your Dad Away on Father’s Day in Your Phoenix Pop Up

Everything I know about camping I learned from my dad!

Celebrate your dad anywhere in your Phoenix Pop Up camper. Custom made to fit your vehicle, you can go anywhere you want, in no time at all. If you are like me, you got your love of nature from your dad, and I can’t thank him enough for that. He taught me to be independent and self-sufficient. We would forage for food – mostly mushrooms and berries – and we would cook what we found at night. One time we picked nettles, the stinging kind, and made a soup. He would take me fishing, and if we were lucky enough to catch something, he would teach me how to clean the fish. Gutting a fish was fantastically disgusting for a 7 year old kid. And I thought it was really cool to be able to catch my own food and cook it over the campfire at night.

Camping and Canoeing

Camping and Canoeing

Whenever we went camping for the weekend, the canoe would always come with us. I loved canoeing through narrow rivers with low hanging branches, it was a magical adventure, and sitting out in the middle of the lake with a picnic was equally amazing. It was all about being outdoors, appreciating nature and getting lots of fresh air. Fresh air was important to adults. I can’t imagine how hard it is today to get your kids out and away from the computer and the TV. But with a Phoenix Pop Up camper, getting out of your house and into the woods (or wherever) has never been easier. Our pop ups have plenty of sleeping space, there’s the queen size loft bed, and then the “downstairs” seating area will fold into extra sleeping space when you are ready to get some shut eye. It’s amazing how well you sleep after a full day of outdoor activities. Fresh air alone can wear a person out, especially if you are used to the noise and the smog and the indoor climate of living in a metropolitan city. If you want to bring the canoe, adding roof racks to your custom made Pop Up Truck Camper will make this a whole lot easier. And while you’re at it, get a ladder to the roof as well.

camping with dad

Phoenix Pop Up

Phoenix pop up campers logoThis father’s day, why not whisk him away in your Pop Up and create yet another wonderful memory of camping and nature and being together. Pull the plug on your daily technology addiction, and pop the whole family in the camper. You don’t have to go far, you don’t even have to leave your home town, just spend a day out in nature and say thank you to your dad for everything he has done for you. Phoenix Pop Up is proud to be a part of every family adventure, and we hope that you will include us in celebrating your dad this father’s day.