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Useful Tips When Camping With Your Dog

Camping with your best friend can be one of the best things you can do, but it also requires certain planning in order to guarantee that the journey with your dog will be a gratifying experience for both. Phoenix Pop Up Campers brings you these 5 tips for camping with your dog.

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Preparing Your Dog’s Luggage

from: pinterestA long trip on your custom truck camper can be stressful for your dog, so it is good to pack a chewing toy and some snacks to keep him busy and interested in something different than you beautiful camper, furniture, your snacks… You know what we mean. So pack him some goodies!

Keep Everything Under Control

Never forget your dog’s leash . It’s your responsibility to keep him out of trouble. It’s natural for a dog that’s been traveling to get out and want to run free in the woods a little, or a lot… And if there’s other dogs around, they may even pair up and go out to explore the surroundings. Make sure to be aware of his whereabouts at all times, assuming you don’t want your dog to get lost or too close to a bear! Yeas, we’re kidding, but we’re not when we say that you’re responsible, someone has to be the mature adult in the relationship. Yes, that’s you!

First Aid Kit

Bring a first aid kit for your furry friend. You never know when an accident can happen, or if he picks up a fight with another dog or an animal in the woods, or if he gets an allergy from some non-dog food he ate exploring around or from an insect bite. Being prepared with a dog-appropriate first aid kit could even save the life of your dog.

External shower for your dogLearn to Recognize Potential Dangers

There are always potential dangers your dog can face on an outdoor adventure, such as the weird flora and fauna he can eat up as part of his quest for knowledge. It is always good to scout the camping area, and try to minimize the dangers.

Keep Your Supplis in a Safe Place

Keeping your dog away from your food supply can save you a lot of trouble, especially if there’s not a food market near your camping spot. This advice goes for important gear as well, such as waterproof shoes and bags, flashlights, your compass, your good dri-fit shirts, your fishing hat, hunting gear… You get the point. Avoid the frustration and keep your stuff safe.

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