Track Pre-Historic Reptilian Beasts on Your Next Phoenix Adventure

 Jurassic Park is not just a movie

I don’t know a kid in the world who wouldn’t want to walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs and go adventuring and exploring, living out the fantasy of hunting dinosaurs and tracking their every move. You can make this dream come true for your kids, just pack up the Phoenix and head off to Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas, to walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs. Literally.

Sauropod footprints
The Sauropod in one of two dinosaurs that walked the Paluxy River bank millions of years ago.

Dinosaur Tracking

The Dinosaur Valley State Park was created specifically to preserve dinosaur tracks discovered in and around the Paluxy River. Among the track are sauropod and theropod tracks that have amazed and astounded fossil collectors since its discovery in 1911. Today, kids will love tracking the dinosaurs step by step in these massive footprints that have been preserved by the river for millions of years. What kids wouldn’t love to go dinosaur exploring? And for the rest of the family, this state park offers all the outdoor activities that you can hope for when you go camping and exploring.

The T-Rex is among the theropod dino tracks you can discover at Dinosaur Valley State Park, TX

Phoenix Pop Up Camper

Take the whole family on a Jurassic adventure. Pack up the custom Phoenix pop up or truck camper fit specifically to your vehicle, and gets a spot in one of the camping spaces in Dinosaur Valley. When you are tired from tracking dino footprints, swimming, hiking and bird watching, settle into your cozy camper with plenty of sleeping space for the whole family, cook up a nice dinner in your kitchen and get a good night’s sleep before heading out to new adventures the next day. Call us today to see how we can custom build your pop up truck camper to enhance your next great outdoor adventure.