Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Tips To Protect The Environment While Camping

Colorado Canyon 5' BedTaking care of the environment is very important and it is the responsibility of every one of us. Limiting your impact on the environment is just a smart way to camp, which is why today we bring you 3 tips to protect the environment while you are camping in your custom truck camper:

Camp In Campgrounds

When you choose to go camping in designated campgrounds they have toilets, grey water traps, fire rings, garbage and recycle cans. Camping outside of designated campsites is also fun but you wont be able to find the adequate facilities to get rid of waste, among other things. You can still do this where its legal, but be responsible with your trash and minimize your footprints.

Camp fire

Don’t Burn Trash In The Campfire

Avoid burning trash when you are camping in the wild, always try to limit what you put in your campfire to just wood. Ash from paper and cardboard tends to be carried aloft by the wind and spread over a fairly wide area.

Respect Wildlife

Bull elk at Yellowstone National Park

Treat any animals you encounter with respect. Remember that you are a visitor and are traveling and camping in their backyard. Do not feed them, as they will develop a taste for human food as well as associate humans with food. Feeding wildlife leads to animals raiding our campsites to steal everyone’s food and cause panic and accidents.

This is all common sense, but many times while we’re out camping we see that common sense is the least common of all senses. Be a wise and responsible camper!

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