Ticks: Unwelcome & annoying camping guests – part 3

Be ready and avoid being boarded!

Camping pests

In our previous two blogs we’ve been sharing information about the most common insect pests that can seriously make you uncomfortable on an outdoor adventure, and potentially ruin it! If you missed part one and two, no worries, here they are:

Unwelcome camping guests: annoying insect pests – part 1

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Even though it is almost impossible to completely avoid getting a bug bite while camping, following the advice on these series can surely help you get ready and try to avoid being a victim of these little parasites. Today we bring you the third installment of these camping pest series, so you can prepare yourself in advance and make sure you pack your Phoenix Truck Camper with everything you may need.


Camping pests

Along with mosquitoes and chiggers, ticks are one of the U.S. most common campsite pests. These horrible parasites latch themselves onto warm parts of your body, such as the underarms, scalp, and the genital area. The worst part is that they can carry potentially dangerous blood borne diseases, like Lyme Disease. Here’s today advice on how to keep yourself tick-free:

Insect repellent: just the same as with chiggers and mosquitoes, ticks can be easily and effectively repelled by insect sprays containing DEET.

Use light clothing: wearing light-colored clothes can help you spot ticks before they have an opportunity to reach exposed skin.

Stick to the trail: equal to the chiggers, sticking to the trail will go a long way towards keeping you out of the ticks favorite places, like tall grass and dense bush.

Don’t sit on the ground: try to sit on picnic benches and camping chairs instead of on the bare ground or logs. Ticks can’t fly, so they will find their way onto you by direct contact with the surfaces they occupy.

Camping pests

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