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Camping Etiquette: Respecting Other Campers

Most of Phoenix Pop Up Camper customers frequent campgrounds around the world. And the one thing that is a fact when camping in campgrounds, is that you will almost certainly have camping neighbors around. Taking these into consideration is very important to learn to respect others and so, others will respect you and your personal space.

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When camping at a campground or at any other space where there’s more people around, is very important to keep in mind that they are using the campground to rest and relax, especially at night. With that being said, always be careful with the noise you make and if you like to listen to music, better use those headphones. Also, if you bring pets with you make sure that it is not running around all over the campground barking and making noise constantly, and most importantly, clean after your pet.

But not everything is about noise and animals, if you need to go to the bathroom or walk on the campground area, always avoid walking through others campsites, it is considered extremely disrespectful for most of the people and you should want to keep your camping adventure in peace. Finally, it is very important that you pick up all of your trash when you are leaving your campsite, it is possible that someone else will occupy the same spot later and it is not fair that they need to pick up your mess after you leave on your custom truck camper.

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