Testimonial On Their 2nd Phoenix Custom Camper

From the Jeffries, two times new Custom Phoenix owners:

Instillation of the Jeffries 2nd Custom Phoenix
Instillation of the Jeffries 2nd Custom Phoenix 2018
Jeffries 1st Custom Low Profile Phoenix Camper 2008

Hi Cari,
Great to hear from you.  We are currently in a KOA in Lava Springs, ID.  Normally we don’t stay at KOA’s, but we are hot and a little tired plus it gave us a chance to test AC Power, which of course worked perfectly.  Nice to put a good charge on the RV battery.  Later tonight after it cools off a bit and we rest a bit, we plan on checking out the hot springs.  Honestly Cari, we love the camper more each day if that’s possible.  We see and find Rob’s little touches and care that he put into the camper.  On a scale of one to ten, the new camper is at least a 15, and I might go to a 20 after we find and appreciate more fun things that Rob built in.  The only thing it’s lacking is a larger storage area where we could store a portable BBQ grill, and I don’t see any way possible that Rob could have moved or designed more space into this camper.  He really and truly used every conceivable space.  He might have had lots of practice over the years, but he did a masterful job.  The sophistication and expertise built into this camper is at least 10 fold ahead of the old camper.  I believe that we can live long term for extended periods in this camper, and that is not something we could have done in the old camper – even as good as it was.  We are giving the new camper a great test, and still finding out ways and places to store and utilize it.  One of the biggest little surprises was the bottom fold down door beneath the sink.  At first glance, I didn’t see how we could ever use that space, but the door was needed to expose the hatch to the rear tie down.  So far, we’ve been able to each put a pair of flip flops in there, and also slid in the blank piece of wood that makes up the bed in dinette.  That piece of wood slid forward into the empty space up front by the front tie down.  Neat use of space.  The countertop on the rear cabinet has also been very useful.  I appreciate Rob being able to get all the different electrical connectors in the side of that cabinet – great use of space!!   Who knew (besides you) that Rob was so talented – just teasing.  I could go on and might do that on a future email.  I’m just very impressed with everything – and more each day as I discover more things.  I think that this design which Rob and I collaborated on.  I could easily imagine you all building this camper again for another customer.  If you do, and need a recommendation, let me know as I’d be glad to highly recommend Phoenix.

Next email after 4500 Miles with their new camper:

Hi Cari and Rob,

We had a wonderful first trip in our new camper, and are now back in Tucson after 30 days on the road.  The camper performed flawlessly, and we continue to be amazed by it and Rob’s work.  Even better news is that it fit into our garage.  Once we took off the jacks we can even walk between the truck/camper and our van.  The length also worked out well, but without much room to spare.  This is as I figured and knew it would be. In the garage, we can walk just barely between the front of the truck and the front wall, and enter the door to our kitchen.  That kitchen door is in front of the truck.  Taking off the jacks made a big difference!!  I’ll try to add a few photos to show you, but the main thing is that it fit like a well designed glove!!  Without Rob’s attention to detail and working closely with me, I feel like the outcome might well have been different and a disaster.  We both can’t express our appreciation enough for the care and pain that you both went through to make this all work and come together.  I think it would have been just ever so slightly better if we could have added about 2 inches in the length, but I was worried – no terrified – that it wouldn’t fit in our garage.  BTW I checked the truck odometer and we drove about 4,500 miles.  That was a surprise to me, and we sure did a lot of driving!!  Too much driving!!

LP front garage fit
LP front garage fit
LP garage fit
LP garage fit