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Take Your Phoenix Pop Up to Your Favorite Summer Festival

Camping at summer festivals

Summer festivals are being held all across the country, big and small, jazz, blues or rock or food and arts festivals. Whatever the type of festival, spending a weekend among festival goers with like interests is something any outdoorsman would love. When I was younger, I loved going to festivals. As a teenager, I was so excited when I was finally allowed to go with my friends alone, without my parents. But as an adult, I would like to go to the festivals, but try to avoid sleeping in a cramped tent next to thousands of rowdy teenagers, who, let’s face it, are not getting much sleep at all. That’s where the Phoenix Pop Up would be the perfect festival “gadget”, allowing me to stay close to the action, but not having to be right in the middle of all the teenage fun.

Roskilde Festival
Roskilde Festival’s main stage


Roskilde Music Festival

In Denmark, every summer there is one of the biggest rock and roll music festivals in all of Europe: Roskilde Festival. It is like a rite of passage for any teenager, especially in Scandinavia, to go to this festival, camp out for a week and see all the biggest bands from Rolling Stones, to Jay-Z, to Metallica to Green Day. You name it, that band has probably played at Roskilde Festival. It is four days of major headlining world famous bands. From morning to night, the festival grounds were swarming with thousands of people rushing from stage to stage to catch their favorite bands, or that new band that no one had seen yet. Thousands of colorful tents lined the campgrounds, and it was almost as hard to find your way back to your tent, as it was to keep all your things clean and organized and more importantly, dry. After all, we were mostly teenagers spending our first real week away from mom and dad. It was a week of independence and music. I have fantastic memories from summers in Denmark, heading off to the festival with my friends.

Roskilde Festival Camping
Avoid walking back to your tent in this, by having your Phoenix camper close by.

Stay dry and comfortable in your Phoenix camper

One other thing that this festival is famous for, other than great music, is awful weather. Though the festival is scheduled in the middle of summer, Roskilde Festival is famous for hitting the one week in July where the skies open and rain pours non-stop. As well as your camping gear, rain gear is a must at this festival. I have walked across the festival grounds knee deep in mud, soaked form head to toe, because I had to see Pearl Jam or Prince or Guns N’ Roses. And you do it happily, because it’s part of being at the festival. But when you return home to your camp, caked in mud, only to realize someone forgot to close up the tent and everything inside is soaking wet, that is when you mentally start to go over your options for next year. And as you get older, the thought of sleeping in a soaking wet sleeping bag, becomes less and less exciting, and you start to wish you had spent some money on a hotel room.

Kitchen in camper
Custom made kitchen

Custom design your Phoenix Pop Up for all your festival and camping needs

Festivals are like adult sleep-away camps. It’s where your inner child can come out, but there are limits. Today, I would not be so thrilled at the camping scenario at the festival. I would definitely try to find another way to have a decent place to sleep. Not that I feel old, but if I don’t get a good night sleep, then I’m worthless the next day, so for me to get the most out of the festival, I’m going to need a decent bed to crawl into at night, before starting the festivities all over again the next day.

A Phoenix Pop Up Camper would have been awesome at this festival. All I would need is just a mini/mid-size floor plan. Something simple, with just a comfortable queen size bed to crawl into, some storage space for a weeks’ worth of clothing, a refrigerator would be good, too, for all the food, not to mention bottled water that is a necessity at any outdoor festival. A stove and a sink would be nice too, and if I could also have a hot water system, a shower and a toilet that would be the perfect set up for when I return from a days worth of music and festival activities. Why wait in line for the port-a-potties when you have your own private bathroom in your custom truck camper? Okay, so with all those special features added to my Pop Up, I might as well upgrade to a larger PULSE SC floor plan and go all out. Why not make the custom camper completely self-sufficient, so that you can go anywhere, anytime and always return to the comfort of your “home”. At Phoenix, they understand that everyone has different needs when they go camping, traveling or festival hopping, so we work directly with each customer to make sure you get exactly what you need.

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