Badlands Conquered in a Custom Phoenix PULSE SC

Cari, Rob, We want you to know we had a blast on our trip back home after picking up the camper and overall are VERY happy with it. We could go anywhere and spent a night in the middle of Buffalo National Grassland outside of the Badlands.

Adventure Americas MEXICO

The latest blog from our friends taking on the adventure of a life time. This blog is not only insightful, there are so many beautiful pictures depicting their travels and their story is so well written keeping you waiting for the next…

Phoenix Pop Up Camper in Mexico

Meg and Jed have made there way into the Baja as their adventure continues! Follow their exciting experiences as they travel from Wyoming to South America in their Toyota Tacoma with a Phoenix Pop up Camper…

The Adventure Begins

Jed and Meg have begun the adventure of their life. As we posted a few months back these two adventurous folks are taking on the Americas. Traveling from Jackson WY to South America in their Toyota Tacoma truck with a Phoenix Pop Up Camper. Follow their story at We wish them the very best and a safe exciting […]

Colorful Phoenix Pop Up Campers

As promised, here are the three custom COLORFUL campers that went to their new homes last week. The Army green will be going on a 42 Dodge Army truck and heading on a convoy up to Alaska  beginning in Green Bay WI with other Vintage Army  vehicles in June.  A  Dark grey Nissan Frontier and the Silver Tacoma […]

Custom Campers for Any Vehicle

Coyote R.V. designs all campers custom. We build a custom camper from one of our three floor plans to fit your vehicle’s make, model, and bed size. Click on here to see more!